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The city of Vaughan falls within a municipality that has grown faster than any other Canadian municipality in the last 20 years. This means that more homeowners and business owners have flocked to this region because of all the value and promise there.

Repair technician

Every property owner knows the importance of maintaining all aspects of their property, including their garages. If you were to have a garage door that did not open for whatever reason, you would want to get it fixed immediately. That way, your property value will not be affected, and you can enjoy the convenience of having a functional garage door. Let us help you achieve this goal whenever you need help.

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24/7 repair

If there is a 24-hour emergency garage door repair in Vaughan that you need to be done, call our customer support representatives at any time and they will send an experienced and licensed technician out to repair your garage door. Then you can have the instant gratification of being able to access your garage easily once again. For some people, this will allow them to gain entry to their property which makes it even more crucial.

Garage door opener

Opener repair & installation

You should think about getting a garage door opener if you don’t already have one. Opener installation services are available through our company. But if you have an existing garage door and need a garage door opener repair in Vaughan, we can do that for you too. Just give us a call and let us know what you need.

Garage door spring

Spring replacement

A broken spring will limit your ability to use your garage door. It will be difficult to lift open or it could potentially cause an accident where someone gets seriously injured. It is worth the investment of using our broken garage door spring replacement services so that you can get a new spring that is strong and durable.

Garage door cables

Cable replacement

As good as it is to have strong springs, you also need strong cables to help them do their job as well. A broken cable will mean that you need to use our garage door cable replacement services so that you can get a new one in its place. This will ensure that your garage door continues to smoothly open and close the way you want it to.

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New garage doors

New garage doors

New garage doors in Vaughan are available through our company if you need them. We sell garage doors and install them for all our customers. If you have a damaged garage door or simply want to get a new one, let us know and our technician will go over your garage door options during your free consultation with them.


Here at 24hr Vaughan Door & Frame Repair™, we offer you professional wood and steel door frame repair service, for both residential and commercial doors.

We can assist you in case of a cracked wood, dented metal frame, or even with a complete new aluminum frame, anywhere in Vaughan, Ontario. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are highly skilled and they know how to work under pressure.

Our Services:

  • 24/7 Emergency door break-in repairs, broken door hinges
  • Steel or metal frame replacement / installation
  • Cracked, rotten or split wooden door frames
  • Aluminum glass door frames of sliding patio or commercial entry
  • Patch holes in metal doors and fixing dented steel doors


Fast Steel Entry Door Repair Services

If you have your commercial steel entry doors damaged after a break-in, feel free to call us 24/7! We are here to provide you with reliable steel door frame repair service at discount prices. So call us now and let our experts take care of your door issues!

Industrial & Commercial Door Repairs

Cracked Wooden Door Frame?

If you find a cracked or split wooden door frame, especially after a break-in attempt, to your home or business, don’t panic! It is important to remain calm and to call the police right away!

Don’t try to fix your broken entrance doors by yourself, you would end up causing more damages. Call our 24/7 door experts for this kind of job.  We stand ready to come to you equipped with our best tools.

Home Door Unlocking Services in Vaughan, ON

Welcome to 24hr Vaughan Door & Frame Repair™, your best place to get fast 24 hour emergency door unlocking services.

Our technicians are highly reliable and work super fast. You can call them 24/7 and they always come to assist you within just a few minutes. We are providing discounted 24 hour lockout assistance at cheap costs.

24Hr Door Opening Services:

  • House door lock opening
  • Bedroom or bathroom door opening
  • Unlocking locked offices or stores
  • Open locked garage doors


We at 24hr Vaughan Door & Frame Repair™ will able to open your interior door as bathroom or bedroom and exterior doors such as sliding patio glass doors or screen and storm doors.

Our professional door unlocking experts are just a phone call away from you! Let us help you out! Whether you need  your office, your home or your storefront, let us know and we will come asap anywhere in Vaughan, Ontario!

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Please call us to get more information or a free quote. We apply discount charges all year long for emergency lockout or break-in repair services.

Storm Door Hinge Repair in Vaughan

Storm doors are loved by most people especially as front doors, for their classic appearance and exemplary look they give to the building or house they are used for. The doors are easy to maintain if well taken care of and all the guidelines followed.

If you encounter a break-in, or a broken hinge on a storm door, you should contact a local door company who can repair or change it at affordable rates and in a professional.

  • 24hr emergency door repair
  • Storm door installation / replacement
  • Locks, handles, door closers
  • Broken hinge replacement


Door Break-in Repair in Vaughan Ontario

Welcome to 24hr Vaughan Door & Frame Repair™ ! We here to provide you with full assistance if you encounter emergency door break-ins!

Our door experts are highly dependable and professional. They will fix broken door frames or locks as well, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Kicked-in Door Frame Repair

If you have your door frames kicked-in or your locks broken, call us immediately! You’ll be happy to know that we apply a competitive pricing scheme. Call us 24hr a day, 7 days a week if you need our help Vaughan, Lansing and Armour Heights as well.

Here are a few more things about us that you should know. We hire only skilled and dependable door experts who have years of experience and practice in this field. They will solve your residential or commercial forced entry trouble in no time!

Our door technicians can also repair your steel, metal or aluminum doors . There’s only one number that you need to remember, ours!

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24hr Vaughan Door & Frame Repair™ has long experience with a variety of sliding door problems that accompany with the replacement of rollers, tracks or locks of these doors.

We specialize in emergency break-in repair services and repairs that ensure the security of your home or business.

Our charges are affordable and for return customers you can be assured of a discount on any patio door repair services we offer to you. We are pleased with your satisfaction and your feedback keeps us going and in line with your expectations as our client.

  • Emergency door break-in repair
  • Loose locks or handles
  • Rollers replacement
  • Other parts such as tracks


So call us now and we will send out to you our team of sliding door repair experts within just a few minutes after your phone call. Don’t hesitate calling us if you want to have more information or if you would like to get a free quote.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations thanks to our rapidity and reliability. We are your local, trusted commercial & residential door repair company in the Vaughan. Call us now for any type of hardware you might need for your door, including rollers, tracks, locks, or handles.

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At 24hr Vaughan Door & Frame Repair™ we are experienced in dealing with different types of commercial steel or glass doors, that’s what making us unique among the different door companies.

Metal doors and frames come in different shapes depending upon the nature of the storefront or office door.Our door fixers offering 24/7 emergency repair services around Vaughan, Ontario.

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Our services:

  • Commercial door repair / installation / replacement
  • Steel or metal door frame repair
  • Aluminum glass doors / door closers
  • High security locks, automatic door openers
  • All other parts and related hardware

About Our Commercial Door Frame Repair Services

The frames are always positioned in a way that they offer support for the main shutter door with ease and support the closing mechanism for any entry door. Whether wood, aluminum or steel, commercial door frames will tend to get old faster than the rest of the door. We can handle repair or replacement of any commercial door frame you might have.

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