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Here at 24hr Vaughan Door & Frame Repair™, we offer you professional wood and steel door frame repair service, for both residential and commercial doors.

We can assist you in case of a cracked wood, dented metal frame, or even with a complete new aluminum frame, anywhere in Vaughan, Ontario. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are highly skilled and they know how to work under pressure.

Our Services:

  • 24/7 Emergency door break-in repairs, broken door hinges
  • Steel or metal frame replacement / installation
  • Cracked, rotten or split wooden door frames
  • Aluminum glass door frames of sliding patio or commercial entry
  • Patch holes in metal doors and fixing dented steel doors


Fast Steel Entry Door Repair Services

If you have your commercial steel entry doors damaged after a break-in, feel free to call us 24/7! We are here to provide you with reliable steel door frame repair service at discount prices. So call us now and let our experts take care of your door issues!

Industrial & Commercial Door Repairs

Cracked Wooden Door Frame?

If you find a cracked or split wooden door frame, especially after a break-in attempt, to your home or business, don’t panic! It is important to remain calm and to call the police right away!

Don’t try to fix your broken entrance doors by yourself, you would end up causing more damages. Call our 24/7 door experts for this kind of job.  We stand ready to come to you equipped with our best tools.